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This is to bring your kind interest towards our company LEGAL IPL an Intellectual Property Law Firm in India, which is totally dedicated to provide quality legal services in respect of registration of Trade Marks, Patent, Designs and Copyrights specially tailored to meet your need and requirements.

Our practices entail and include all Intellectual Property matters with more extensive speciality in filing, prosecuting and registering Patent, Trade Marks, Domain Name, Industrial Designs and Copyrights including renewals, licensing and enforcement, opposing and defending opposition. S. Singh & Association has also one of the best and most active litigation wing which consists of Lawyers having vast and diverse experience of handling litigation matters which includes soliciting, initiating, defending and prosecuting infringement and passing off cases both civil and criminal before various High Court Courts, Supreme Court and District Courts as well as before newly constituted Intellectual Property Appellate Board and Copyright Board for a number of clients encompassing a range of matters including:-

• Initiating and defending of infringement and passing off suits relating to trade mark, trade name, and domain name matters irrespective of the facts whether the trade mark, trade name or domain name are registered or unregistered.

• Initiating and defending of infringement and passing off suits in respect of patent and industrial design matters.

• Initiating and defending of infringement and passing off suits relating to copyright and Industrial Design matters irrespective of the fact whether the copyright is registered or unregistered.

• Initiating and defending of petitions/appeal before Intellectual Property Appellate Board arising from the order/action of Trade Mark, Design & Patent Office.

• Initiating and defending cancellation and revocation petition before the Registrar of Trade Mark/Controller of Patent & Design as well as before Copyright Board, as the case may be, for all kinds of Intellectual Property matters.

Our litigation team has encountered and solved number of complicated matters involved in the legal proceedings with regard to prior art, area of operation, innovation and novelty, prior and continuous use, acquiescence and delay in infringement and passing off law suit.

We have a separate team of lawyers and patent attorneys and patent engineers/technical experts which understand the industry specific need and is dedicated to the respective trade and industries.

The Copyright Registration is valid throughout world and can be enforced worldwide under International Agreement between the countries.

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