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We understand that every client comes to us with her or his own unique concerns, needs and financial situation. Often, our client's worries are aggravated because there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to stay on top of everything. Yet, there is the recognition that one's financial well- being is tied to constantly fluid capital markets, ever-changing tax and pension laws and an endless proliferation of product choices. Sorting fact from fiction in the overwhelming din of information now available just adds to the stress.

That is where our personal financial advisor makes such a difference. We help you design a clear path to the milestones that are critical in your life. And we do it by asking you some very important and very different questions at the outset. What is the vision of the life that you most want to live? What are your dreams and how can we express them as understandable financial goals? What is important about money, to you?

Through this in-depth dialogue, we also gather critical information such as your investment horizon, long term income requirements, risk tolerance and capacity and liquidity needs. We then take planning to the next level. We undertake a thorough review of your tax status as well as your estate, critical illness and disability needs. Personal elements as well as family dynamics become a vital part of the mosaic.

What We Do
Managing your money and planning your financial security are no easy tasks. Time constraints, tax laws that are constantly changing and a confusing assortment of investment options - all present roadblocks for most people seeking to manage their finances in a profitable way.

As an experienced private investment advisor, we are able to offer high - performance financial products that help you take right financial decisions.

Our experts analyze your basic financial goals - elements such as needs and desires, your experiences, your status in life and your current net worth and then advise an optimal solution.

When you choose LIPL, you take the first step towards ensuring financial success.

Your Benefits
With LIPL, you are never just a single individual looking to grow your wealth. Because A.LIPL is a little more than just a wealth advisory service. It's a partner. A Partner who takes the time to understand your needs. It's a partner who takes ownership of your financial goals and does everything it can to ensure you reach them.

We stretch out to our privileged clients in more ways than one, so all your investment related operational issues will no longer be a bother.

1. 24 Hours X 7 Days a week, accessibility to a Relationship Manager
2. Doorstep picking and dropping cheques.
3. Collection and deposit of high value payments
4. Hassle free paper work.

What We Offer
LIPL offers advice on an entire range of "third party" products - including asset products, liability products and insurance services.

Every piece of wealth - bank deposits securities investments, fixed deposits, real estate - carries its own set of risks. LIPL brings to you a holistic picture of your wealth - the risks you face and the opportunities hidden with them.

We de risk your portfolio by ensuring we completely understand the risks you are willing to take to reach your financial goals.

Wealth Management
As your assets grow so do the challenges of picking the right wealth management solutions. And today, more than ever before, investors like you, are constantly in need of financial partners who have the expertise to understand these challenges and offer winning solutions.

LIPL is your customized wealth advisory service with a strong focus on personalized solutions.

For those investors with Rs.10,00,000 or more to invest, we provide exclusive and customized investment solutions, in association with a Private Clients Advisor. Private Client's Service is an exclusive benefit offered by LIPL.

Investment Management
There is no single investment strategy that suits everyone. In line with this belief, we at LIPL have channeled our successful wealth management expertise to create a wide array of solutions that cater to a range of risk and return preferences.

Investment planning begins with determining an appropriate asset mix more than picking good funds. Your portfolio should be balanced to provide security, income and growth. Diversification and balanced investing give protection against portfolio volatility as a whole and keep you invested and on track.

Based on your goals, time frame for investing and risk/reward tolerance, we choose the right combination of investments and customize an asset allocation strategy for your portfolio.

As your investment manager, we try to maximize your after-tax returns through careful portfolio construction, risk management, and disciplined rebalancing. We aim to consistently deliver high risk-adjusted returns, irrespective of your specific investment goals.

Asset allocation is the cornerstone of A.Chandak & Co. investment management approach.

Our Products

    Mutual Fund
    Life Insurance
    General Insurance
    Corporate Fixed Deposit

Mutual Funds

Consider the following benefits of investing through a mutual fund
Mutual funds allow you to invest small sums. For instance, if you want to buy a portfolio of blue chips of modest size, you should at least have a few lakhs of rupees. A mutual fund gives you the same portfolio for meager investment of Rs.1,000-5,000. A mutual fund can do that because it collects money from many people and it has a large corpus.

Professional management
The major advantage of investing in a mutual fund is that you get a professional money manager to manage your investments for a small fee. You can leave the investment decisions to him and only have to monitor the performance of the fund at regular intervals.

Considered the essential tool in risk management, mutual funds make it possible for even small investors to diversify their portfolio. A mutual fund can effectively diversify its portfolio because of the large corpus. However, a small investor cannot have a well-diversified portfolio because it calls for large investment. For example, a modest portfolio of 10 blue-chip stocks calls for a few a few thousands.

Mutual funds offer tailor-made solutions like systematic investment plans and systematic withdrawal plans to investors, which is very convenient to investors. Investors also do not have to worry about investment decisions; they do not have to deal with brokerage or depository, etc. for buying or selling of securities. Mutual funds also offer specialized schemes like retirement plans, children's plans, industry specific schemes, etc. to suit personal preference of investors. These schemes also help small investors with asset allocation of their corpus. It also saves a lot of paper work.

Cost effectiveness
A small investor will find that the mutual fund route is a cost-effective method (the AMC fee is normally 2.5%) and it also saves a lot of transaction cost as mutual funds get concession from brokerages. Also, the investor gets the service of a financial professional for a very small fee. If he were to seek a financial advisor's help directly, he will end up paying significantly more for investment advice. Also, he will need to have a sizeable corpus to offer for investment management to be eligible for an investment adviser's services.

You can liquidate your investments within 3 to 5 working days (mutual funds dispatch redemption cheques speedily and also offer direct credit facility into your bank account i.e. Electronic Clearing Services).

Tax breaks
You do not have to pay any taxes on dividends issued by mutual funds. You also have the advantage of capital gains taxation. Tax-saving schemes and pension schemes give you the added advantage of benefits under section 88.

Mutual funds offer daily NAVs of schemes, which help you to monitor your investments on a regular basis. They also send quarterly newsletters, which give details of the portfolio, performance of schemes against various benchmarks, etc. They are also well regulated and Sebi monitors their actions closely.

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